mom’s call.

It’s scary living together, not interacting with each other. I’m scared. I haven’t heard from my mom for 13 years. You’re a grown-up and you’re old enough to live alone. You don’t It’s creepy. If you’re really sorry, you won’t ask me to live with you. You’ll see each other often and try to do something you haven’t done. Don’t think about spending money on your mom even if you’re interacting with her. A normal mother wouldn’t ask for that. If you’re a normal person in the first place, you haven’t been in touch for 13 years, and there’s no excuse for saying anything. Maybe it’s because you need a debt guarantee or a organ transplant. Don’t be depressed, writer. No matter what anyone says, the writer is a precious person. And, I don’t know what happened after the war, but I don’t think you should answer my mom’s call.

You shall have your sunset. I shall command it. But I shall wait, according to my science of government, until conditions are favorable. I do beseech you to direct your efforts more to preparing youth for the path and less to preparing the path for the youth. Judge thyself with the judgment of sincerity, and thou will judge others with the judgment of charity.

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